You give me challenges. i give you time.

About me

I am all about helping small and medium-sized businesses to focus on the things that really matter to them.

A straightforward, fast and effective service

It could be that you need an extra pair of hands during your busiest periods, to get a project off the ground or to cover a holiday – my business support services will help you keep everything under control whatever the situation. It means you can avoid the hassle of dealing with temp agencies and having to constantly re-train short-term employees. Depending on your project and requirements we can agree either an hourly or project rate with payment made by invoice, and you won’t need to worry about tax implications, insurance or employment law. I'll handle all of that.


I can help with all your operations, administration and marketing needs from the dreaded expenses to your social media accounts and anything in between.

Put simply, I know how to get things done. And done well. Giving you the time you need to push your business forward.

A passionate professional

My name is Nicole Floss. I previously worked in the City but wanted a new challenge in my life. Given my history of working in a high-pressure environment, I understand the demands of businesses as well as busy professionals. A strong team player with drive and integrity, I know how to manage multiple projects simultaneously. I am fluent in German and English and have a basic knowledge of Spanish and French. And having worked in the financial sector, I have advanced computer skills in industry-specific programmes such as Bloomberg and Reuters as well as all Microsoft Office applications. I enjoy getting to know new software - and am fast at getting a handle on them.  

I am a very adaptable person, always looking for the next challenge. So why not bring me yours?